Dear colleagues, MTP manager and friends!

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for the period we could spent together in the frame of the NIS Managers' Training Programme MTP financed by the European Union.

Within MTP we met each other at different trainings and seminars in Germany, the European Union as well as in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We met each other wherever you come from:

Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Moldova or Uzbekistan

In March 2002 I started my involvement in MTP and have had to learn how to deal with you; the first groups, MTP 101 and 104 gave me a chance and helped me.

Since this time several hundred of you, the managers passed MTP, friendships have been developed and I still coach some of you in business topics with pleasure. I really appreciate these kind of relations and networking.
All of you are invited to contact me, do it!

I tried to follow your advises and changed step by step the business related approach and as well my personal approach to you. Did I?

Several trainings and seminars later I still made stress to you, pushing you with questionnaires and personal learning objectives.

Thank you very much for all these moments, emotional and supportive, funny and stressing, motivating and challenging.

All these moments - business relation up to friendship - I tried to pick up by my photo camera (as paparazi). Please find some of these moments through the following links.


Please use my personal coordinates in all cases,

Bernd Wilbrandt

Mobile: +49 176 2357 9039

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Bernd Wilbrandt - 40 years